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How can alimony payments be made?

Alimony plays an important role in the post-divorce lives of many Michigan residents. It is the money that some divorced individuals are required to pay to their exes in order to provide them with ongoing support. Not all divorces involve awards or agreements of...

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Determining alimony in Michigan

Married couples can manage their households in many different ways. In some cases, both spouses choose to work outside the home, while in other households, one spouse works part-time or chooses to be a stay-at-home parent. In any case, if the couple chooses to get a...

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How long will I get alimony?

Few aspects of divorce are more contentious than alimony. While child support payments may be a difficult subject as well, few dispute the need to pay child support. Alimony can be much more difficult.  Unlike with child support, in the state of Michigan there is no...

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