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Spousal Support/Alimony

Whether you are seeking spousal support or you are being asked to pay spousal support in your divorce case, our Oakland County alimony attorneys at Eisenberg & Spilman, PLLC, are ready to help you understand and protect your rights.

Helping You Understand Michigan Spousal Support

Similar to property division, spousal support is one of the most contentious issues that must be addressed in a divorce case. Based in Birmingham, Eisenberg & Spilman, PLLC, effectively represents men and women throughout the state in spousal support matters.

Under state law, the court may order one party to pay the other party spousal support. Although Michigan is considered a no-fault state when it comes to divorce, fault can sometimes play a role in your spousal support.

If the parties willingly agree upon an amount of spousal support, the court will approve the arrangement. If parties are unable to come to an agreement, the party who is seeking support must petition the court.

Factors In Spousal Support

The court will look at a number of complex factors when determining spousal support, including:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The parties’ contributions to the marriage
  • The parties’ ability to work
  • The spouse’s ability to pay
  • The parties’ ages
  • The parties’ health or disabilities
  • The parties’ station in life or style of living
  • The party’s necessities and circumstances
  • The parties’ respective earning abilities

Because alimony is not automatically awarded in Michigan, your chances of receiving spousal support depending on the divorce attorney you hire to represent you.

When you consult with Laura E. Eisenberg, J.D., or Amy M. Spilman, J.D., our lawyers will work with you to learn about your situation and skillfully present a strong legal case on your behalf. We will use our years of experience and our extensive legal knowledge to fight for you.

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