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Child Custody

At Eisenberg & Spilman, PLLC, we understand how important your relationship with your child is to you, and we are determined to help you protect it in your child custody case.

Providing High Net Worth Divorce Child Custody Counsel

Established in Birmingham, our family law firm provides experienced and aggressive legal representation to parents throughout Michigan.

As parents, Oakland County child custody attorneys Laura E. Eisenberg, J.D., and Amy M. Spilman, J.D., know that dealing with child custody issues can be emotional.

Types Of Custody

In Michigan, custody arrangements typically involve:

  • Sole custody: In a sole custody arrangement, a child lives primarily with one parent. That parent is responsible for the care and control of the children as well as making important decisions relating to the children’s welfare, often involving education, medical care, religion, etc.
  • Joint custody: In a joint legal custody arrangement, both parents share in making important decisions relating to the children. The parents may share legal or physical custody of the children, or just one parent may have legal or physical custody.

Over the years, many of our clients have been successful in establishing fair and satisfying custody arrangements through mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

If parents cannot agree on custody, a hearing must be held by the court. The outcome of a child custody case largely depends on certain factors that the court takes into consideration when determining custody. These factors are used to examine the qualities of each parent and of the child’s relationship with each parent.

Our lawyers have the legal knowledge and courtroom experience needed to effectively present your custody case in court, whether you are divorcing your spouse, or you are involved in a family support case, or a paternity case.

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