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Let Us Help You Simplify Your Most Complex Divorce Matters

At Eisenberg & Spilman, PLLC, we understand that the divorce process can be challenging enough without the added complications of complex marital assets.

As one of Michigan’s most respected family law firms, we are known for the successful results we have achieved for our clients in complex divorce cases involving closely held businesses and high net worth marital estates. Few other firms can match our depth of knowledge and experience in handling complicated, high-asset divorce cases and related business issues.

Comprehensive Representation For Clients With Complicated Marital Estates And Logistical Challenges

Our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys collaborate with forensic accountants, business valuators and other experts to help our clients achieve the best results available in their divorce cases. We are ready to assist with all of the following issues and more:

  • High net worth marital estates: Our lawyers work with clients to help them understand what they are entitled to during their divorces, as well as how much their assets are worth. We recognize what is at stake and are determined to help you with the division and valuation of complex and high-value assets, including restricted stock options, deferred benefits and compensation, annuities, pensions and more.
  • Prenuptial agreements: With years of experience drafting highly complex prenuptial agreements, we offer our knowledge in handling agreements involving multimillion-dollar assets. We will help you create an enforceable prenuptial agreement that will protect your valuable assets, including family-owned businesses, etc.
  • Business valuations: Our firm works closely with the best business evaluators in the state, including real estate appraisers, accountants and CPAs, tax attorneys and specialized appraisers. We will work to have your business valued, including all generated business income.
  • Hidden assets: Our attorneys will tirelessly work to uncover hidden assets, including offshore bank accounts, unknown property names/entity names, personal property that has been removed and put in unknown storage, etc. We work closely with investigators, security firms and other resources to track down missing or hidden assets to ensure that your property division is fair and equitable in your divorce.
  • International/jurisdictional concerns: We understand the complications that can arise in divorce cases involving international and jurisdictional legal issues, especially where a party or asset is located outside of the state of Michigan.

The details matter in any divorce, but they are even more critical when significant assets or a closely held business are at stake. We take the time and do the work necessary to protect your interests and achieve the most favorable outcome available in your particular case.

Discuss Your Options During An Initial Consultation

Eisenberg & Spilman, PLLC, is based in Birmingham, and we serve clients throughout the surrounding areas of Michigan. To discuss your legal needs with one of our attorneys in a confidential consultation, call us at 248-469-0613 or reach out online. For your convenience, we offer evening and weekend appointments in addition to our regular business hours, upon request. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards.