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Navigating “Gray Divorce” Issues In Michigan

While divorce rates have stagnated for much of the population, people in long-term marriages are actually getting divorced at a higher rate, a phenomenon known as gray divorce.

If you are facing gray divorce issues in Oakland County or anywhere in Michigan, the attorneys at Eisenberg & Spilman, PLLC, are here to protect your rights, your finances and your future.

Common Issues To Address

While divorce laws apply equally to all age groups, there are considerations of special importance to retirees and other older Americans. Some of the important issues that must be addressed in a gray divorce include:

  • Retirement accounts: Retirees facing divorce may have a lifetime of savings built up – income that is subject to division under Michigan property division laws. In handling your divorce, we will explore creative strategies for maximizing your retirement savings, including income from a 401(k), pension or other sources.
  • Social Security benefits: Depending upon the length of the marriage and other factors, one spouse may be entitled to a percentage of the other spouse’s Social Security benefits after divorce. An experienced divorce lawyer can help you understand how the laws apply in your situation.
  • Disparity in earning power: For many couples who have been married for several decades, one spouse was the bread earner while the other contributed to the household in other ways. In this situation, it often necessary for one spouse to pay the other spousal support (alimony) so that both parties can enjoy a stable standard of living after the marriage ends. Whether you are seeking spousal support or your ex-spouse is seeking it from you, it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side who can protect your rights.

Your Advocate For All Divorce-Related Matters

Divorce is difficult at any age, possibly even more so when a marriage has lasted decades. The good news: You don’t have to face it alone. Our lawyers are here to protect your rights and guide you through all aspects of the process. To arrange a consultation with an experienced divorce attorney in Birmingham, contact our law office online or by telephone at 248-469-0613.