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Who is affected by the increased rates of same-sex divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2022 | high asset divorce |

Divorce, regardless of the circumstances, can be a trying time for all involved. Though, with the small rates of divorce among same-sex couples, it was thought that those couples were successfully navigating their marriage journeys. However, as time marches on, same-sex couple divorce rates are rising.

Why are divorce rates increasing?

For some, they claim that they married too soon. They married in the rush after same-sex marriage legalization to validate their love. Getting married too soon is a divorce reason that spans both same-sex and opposite-sex divorce. Indeed, most, if not all, reasons cited for divorce are the same: financial disputes, loss of intimacy, etc.

Is there a varied divorce rate?

Yes, lesbian marriages (female-female marriages) seem to end at a much higher rate than gay marriages (male-male marriages). Some attribute this to there no longer being a societal stigma to a divorced female. Others claim that, since lesbian marriages do not have issues with financial imbalance, childcare disparities or violence concerns, generally, they are more comfortable divorcing when they feel like the marriage has run its course.

Anything to learn?

For our Birmingham, Michigan, readers, the key takeaway here is that everyone, regardless of their sexuality or marital status, should find their bliss. No one deserves to live in an unhappy marriage, and when a marriage has run its course, it is okay to seek a divorce. This does not mean that it has to be a blow-up, drag-out fight. An amicable divorce is possible, as long as the departing spouses can agree to work together to find the best way forward for both spouses.