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New trend, divorce registries

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2021 | high asset divorce |

At this point, in most of our lives, we have at least heard of a marriage registry. Even if we have not participated in one, we have likely scene it advertised on TV. But, a new trend is emerging, the divorce registry.

Divorce registry?

Well, it has no exactly caught on at major retailers yet, but the creative trend is catching on with many newly minted divorcees. Essentially, they create a traditional registry, where they select items that they need to start their new life, but where a future spouse’s information would go, they simply duplicate their information or create a tongue-in-cheek fake spouse. They can then circulate their “divorce registry” to their friends and family, just like a marriage registry. Then, their friends and family members can help their loved one start their new life.

What about property division?

The first reaction that many have is that the property division process should eliminate this need. But, even in the most equitable scenarios, both spouses are still left with half the things they had when they were married. After all, how many people own two toasters or two pressure cookers. Much of our domestic life is streamlined through the purchase of singular items used by the family collectively, which means that both spouses will need to make purchases to start their new life right.

Destigmatizing divorce

Of course, as divorce rates have sky rocketed over the past year, the stigma of divorce is lessening. But, most major retailers still do not offer divorce registries. Instead, they may have a “celebration” registry, but some online retailers and aggregators do have divorce registries. And, as the stigma of divorce lessens, perhaps, major retailers will jump on board, especially as nearly 40% of marriages already ended in divorce prior to the current spike.

Key takeaway

For Birmingham, Michigan, residents and those throughout the area, divorce registries highlight the importance of the property division process. If one utilizes this process effectively, it will lessen or eliminate the need for a divorce registry later.