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Relocation and child support payments

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2020 | child support |

Parents who struggle with child support have a lot of different issues to work through. Some find themselves unable to pay what they owe because of losing their job and our law office knows that many people face these hurdles as a result of health crises. Sadly, falling behind on child support leads to various hardships in many instances, such as a shattered reputation, financial consequences including the garnishment of wages or the loss of a tax refund and emotional hardships. Not to mention, many parents are taken into custody due to missing child support payments. In this post, we will look at how relocation impacts people in this position. 

On the one hand, moving to another state (or even another country) is helpful for some parents. Moving sometimes opens up new opportunities, such as higher-paying work or a lower cost of living. In some cases, moving is very smart for parents who cannot meet their financial obligations. For example, someone living in a very costly urban area often benefits from relocating to somewhere cheaper outside of the city. At the same time, moving is also expensive in many cases and some people struggle with finding work and fall behind as a direct result of relocation. It is imperative to prepare for how moving will potentially impact your finances, especially if you are required to pay child support. 

If your financial circumstances change considerably, the modification of a child support order is one strategy that many parents use to make their payments more tolerable. It is important to explore all of the legal options that are open to you and we discuss child support payments on our website.