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Mediation may help quash divorce squabbles

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2019 | family law, property division |

Michigan couples contemplating divorce may get mixed messages on how to proceed. Whether it involves dividing assets or time with children or both, fighting between the parties may stall proceedings and progress. 

The attorneys and staff at Eisenberg & Spilman PLLC understand how complex dissolving a marriage is. The entire process is highly emotional and opens the floodgates for conflict. When a couple decides to part ways, mediation may prove the best way to resolve all aspects of the divorce by allowing the parties to remain at a distance from each other to effectively negotiate a successful end. 

Mediation focuses on resolution 

When a couple attempts to reach an agreement outside of the courtroom, things may become hectic. While they may agree on some issues, others may cause conflict. Asset division, especially in a lengthier marriage, may prove a sticking point. A mediator has the skills to help the parties reach middle ground and eliminate fighting. This is typically the case when a mediator keeps the parties separate during the process. When the parties cannot exist in the same space and advance the process successfully, a mediator serves as a go-between. 

Mediation allows a measure of control 

If a divorce is high conflict, the resolution may not come without court intervention. While this may prove inevitable for some, it means the outcome is out of the hands of the couple. A judge will look at the facts, listen to arguments and rule on matters. A mediator helps the couple negotiate an amicable conclusion, thereby keeping the process firmly in their control. Mediated proceedings end in more successful post-divorce lives than court. 

Each divorce is unique and brings with it a fresh set of circumstances. If you would like to explore mediation and other aspects of a Michigan divorce, visit our webpage for other useful topics that may help.