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How can you break the news of divorce to your children?

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2019 | child support |

Even parents with the best of intentions in a Michigan divorce often get consumed with the details of the proceedings, sometimes to the detriment of their children. The well-being of children at this stressful time involves a number of strategies and actions that help youths cope with the challenges of a divorce. This includes crafting a custody plan that serves the best interests of the child, minimizing disruptions in a child’s schedule and just spending quality time with the child. Some of the actions will be dependent upon the age of the child, as teenagers will have different needs than a child in grade school.

Children sometimes feel that they are at fault in a divorce. According to Kids Health, when breaking the news of divorce to children it is important that both parents are present. In this discussion, it is good practice to leave out all feelings or suggestions of guilt, blame and anger. The idea that the divorce is something between mom and dad is something to mention and even emphasize to the child. Since children often have many questions, focusing the conversation on practical matters such as the changes or not to the daily routine is a good approach.

One helpful strategy is to practice your talk first. According to Parents, you do not want to improvise your talk of divorce, but should have the main ideas outlined ahead of time. A few key messages are important to stress, such as that though things are changing the child will always be loved by mom and dad. The goal is to provide support to your children in a stressful time.