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Child custody battle keeps Victoria Azarenka out of championship

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2017 | child custody |

Many Michigan parents understand what it’s like to disagree with each other regarding the care and raising of their children. In situations of divorce, or where parents were never married to start, child custody issues can turn into raging battles that take weeks or months (even years) to resolve. Sometimes, such circumstances drastically affect the lifestyle of one parent or the other.

Tennis superstar, Victoria Azarenka was recently gearing up for this year’s U.S. Open. She has since learned that her current child custody problems with her former boyfriend are going to keep her from competing. It seems a judge from the West Coast (where her ex-boyfriend filed custody papers) informed Azarenka that she is not allowed to take her son out of the court’s jurisdiction.

Azarenka is from Eastern Europe and, in fact, has apparently already filed custody papers of her own there. However, the California court where the papers were filed in the United States has refused to defer to the Belarus court. The former world tennis champ offered to foot the bill for the child’s father to travel along to the U.S. Open, but the offer was declined.

In this situation, the child custody problem is keeping one of the parents from her career as a world champion athlete. Not every Michigan parent facing similar custody problems earns an income as a sports superstar; yet, many face very trying circumstances when their situations interfere with their own abilities to do their jobs well, whatever type of career they may have. This is the type of situation when it is usually best to let an experienced attorney do most of the talking in court.

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