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Prenup can offer protection during divorce

On Behalf of | May 11, 2017 | high asset divorce |

Before getting married, couples typically feel that their love will last forever. However, the reality is that divorce can happen to any couple. For this reason, drafting prenuptial agreements has received an increasing amount of attention in Michigan and elsewhere in recent years.

Prenuptial agreements, also known as prenups, are legal agreements that are entered into prior to walking down the aisle. They essentially outline what needs to happen should their creators decide to get divorced. These types of agreements offer a few major advantages.

First, creating a prenuptial agreement helps to promote honest communication between a couple about to get married. It is particularly beneficial for parties who see themselves getting out of the workforce so that they can rear their children. Prenups are also indicated for those with children from previous marriages. In addition, having a prenup may be beneficial if one’s partner is bringing a lot of debt into the marriage or if the partner makes a lot less money.

Just as planning for death by creating a will is often avoided because the topic is generally considered morbid, planning for divorce by creating a prenup is sometimes avoided because it seems like a negative way to start off a marriage in Michigan. However, having a prenup ready can be helpful in the event that dissolving a marriage is unavoidable. An attorney can help with creating a prenuptial agreement that will offer protection of personal assets and wishes long term no matter what may become of one’s marriage.

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