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Many times, it is the perfect couple that is heading for divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2017 | high asset divorce |

On the surface, they appear to have it all. The Michigan couple has money in the bank, a nice home, new cars and the ability to travel. They seem like the perfect couple. However, looks can be deceiving and the couple that others envy may actually be heading for divorce.

When divorce looms as a definite possibility, each individual will want to take a number of protective steps. One of the first things that need to be done is to take inventory and make copies of all important documents. These documents often include tax returns, bank statements, investment account statements, insurance information and important documents related to the children.

Once this has been accomplished, one will want review the financial documents and pinpoint all marital accounts. It is usually important to go ahead and close these joint accounts. Many times, a married couple uses the same checking account and credit card. With divorce, it is time to separate the funds. Additionally, it may be that only one of the individuals is primary individual on credit accounts with the spouse listed as an authorized user.

Taking care of the financial aspects of a divorce is important; however, it is also important to take care of personal concerns and any children involved. If there are children, they may have an opinion regarding the current situation. While their opinion may not be based upon fact, it is still usually important to listen to them and allow them to air their concerns and opinions.

From the outside looking in, the couple may appear to be the perfect couple. However, it is often difficult to live up to this expectation. Many times this is the couple that knows how to put on appearances even when their personal world is in turmoil. An experienced attorney can help guide the individual through Michigan’s divorce process.

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