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As holidays end, child custody issues may continue

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2016 | child custody |

The holidays are nearly over, but some may still be experiencing conflict. Those special days that are meant for celebration and togetherness may feel especially empty if one is facing time alone because of a child custody order. While the Michigan courts may have granted some parenting time over the weeks of festivity, there are bound to be times when one’s child will be celebrating away from home.

It is important for parents to remember that, as difficult as it is for adults to face the separation, it may be even more confusing for children. Kids may not understand the importance of moving from one household to another over the holidays, or why they may miss out on traditions dearly held for Christmas, Hanukkah or the New Year. The way parents handle these changes may have a positive or negative impact on the way the children cope.

Parents may feel especially lonely on the days when the children are spending time with the co-parent. It may be helpful for them to seek companionship with other single parents, with extended family, friends or church members. It may not relieve the sorrow of being apart from one’s children, but it may build relationships that can help one face future holidays without such dread.

Counselors strongly urge parents to discuss their holiday plans together and make arrangements best suited for everyone involved. If this is not possible, or if a co-parent refuses to make considerations for special events, a parent may find it necessary to contact an attorney about modifying the child custody order. Family law attorneys in Michigan will work to bring about the best possible solutions when this occurs.

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