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Why do divorcing Michigan couples turn to mediation

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2023 | Divorce |

Divorce is common across Michigan, and even those who thought they would stay with their spouse forever sometimes realize their healthiest or happiest future requires a divorce.

Especially when there are children involved, divorcing spouses often want to do what they can to reduce their conflict with one another. Mediation has become an increasingly popular solution for those who are preparing for divorce proceedings and want to steer clear of a contentious process.

How can mediation help?

Couples that attend mediation sessions before hearings in family court can potentially resolve their disagreements with one another. Mediation involves working with a neutral professional. Both spouses bring their own attorneys so that they have someone looking out for their best interests.

They then try to cooperate with one another to find arrangements that would work for everyone in the family. When it is successful, the mediation process culminates in the spouses signing an agreement. They will then submit that agreement to the courts for uncontested divorce proceedings.

What are the benefits of mediation?

An uncontested divorce is faster, which typically means the process will cost less. The fewer hours of court time the family requires, the lower the average cost for the divorce overall.

Additionally, spouses will have an opportunity to talk in-depth about family circumstances while negotiating a settlement, all with far more privacy than they would have when testifying about similar issues in family court. Mediation is confidential, which means that spouses can really focus on the issues that they think should play a role in the decisions they make.

Finally, mediation gives spouses final control over what happens, unlike litigation where a judge makes all of the big decisions. Those who believe that divorce is in the future often benefit from considering all of the various ways in which they can resolve their disagreements and move toward a signed divorce decree.

Learning more about divorce mediation and other means of achieving an amicable divorce can benefit those who are preparing for marital dissolution. Working with a legal professional who has extensive experience with the mediation process can be beneficial as well.