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What factors are considered when determining child support?

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2021 | child support |

Raising a child is rewarding but also expensive. The costs associated with keeping a child housed, fed, and clothed can be extensive over the period of the child’s adolescence. In Michigan and throughout the country, it generally takes the financial support of both of a child’s parents to provide the youth with what they need to thrive.

When 2 parents live apart and share in the financial and emotional aspects of child rearing, they may use a child support order to determine how much money each must contribute to the welfare of their child. When courts get involved, they use a state-recognized computation to determine the amount of child support each parent will pay. This post will look at some of the factors that courts evaluate to make fair child support determinations for Michigan residents.

Is income a factor in child support decisions?

Income is an important factor when establishing child support amounts. The incomes of both parents are factored into the computation, as are costs associated with the child’s healthcare costs. If a child attends childcare so that a parent can work, then those costs are also factored into the child support determination.

What if parents share more than one child?

If parents share more than one child, then that factor can also be worked into a child support computation. Generally, if there is more than one child included in a child support determination, the amount of support the parents will have to pay will increase. That is because it is usually more costly to raise multiple children than just one.

There are many matters that can be considered when child support is under consideration. It is important that parents seek legal help from their own family law attorneys so that they get the best, case-specific advice available. This informational post is general in nature and should not be read as legal guidance on any topic.