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Would You Book A Photo Shoot To Commemorate Divorce?

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2020 | child custody |

Divorce no longer suffers from the social stigma it once had, but it isn’t usually celebrated, either. In many ways, this makes sense, since most people find divorce to be a difficult and sometimes traumatic experience.

There are some, however, who want to view their divorce through a different lens. They may go so far as to celebrate the end of their marriage – along with their soon-to-be ex – and show that they are parting on good terms.

Divorce photo shoots aren’t exactly a trend yet, but they could be soon enough. Recently, a divorcing couple from Oklahoma received lots of positive attention online for posting humorous and friendly photos of themselves celebrating their divorce. Many of the pictures include the spouses holding small chalkboards with funny messages on them. One reads: “Whoever said money can’t by happiness never paid for a divorce.”

While their divorce photo shoot may seem frivolous or even in poor taste to some, the parting couple seems to be approaching their split with the best of intentions and a focus on the health of the entire family. When explaining the pictures on Facebook, the wife noted that she and her ex-husband are still very committed to being good co-parents to their children, and their decision to divorce was at least partially intended to achieve that goal.

She said she believes it is a lie that “staying together for the kids” is in their best interests if the marriage is no longer working. She explains that divorce is better in these situations because “we love best when we are our best selves.”

Divorce photo shoots may become a trend, just as divorce parties and divorce ceremonies did within the past decade. They may not be for everyone, but when done right, they can provide a good model for anyone considering divorce. They are reminders that divorce, while difficult, can be civil and even amicable.