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How can I help my child adjust to school after my divorce?

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2020 | child custody |

Parents in Michigan who divorced over the summer may be concerned about how their child will adjust to the new school year after such a major change. Parents want to see their child thrive, even though the parents are no longer in a relationship with one another. The following are some tips to help children adjust to school after a summertime divorce.

One: Communicate with your child’s teacher

First, alert your child’s teachers that you divorced over the summer. A child who is processing a major life event like a divorce may act out or not turn in classwork. When the teacher is aware of the child’s parents’ divorce, they can work with the parents to address any misbehavior or problems in a productive manner, rather than simply penalizing the child.

Two: Help your child discuss the divorce

Second, help your child find a way to share what information they are willing to share about the divorce with their friends. Children should also know that it is ok to politely say they do not want to talk about the divorce.

Three: Co-parenting during the school year

Third, review your child custody and visitation plan to see if it differs during the school year, so you can prepare your child for these changes. Parents will have to determine who will pay what school-related expenses. They will also have to agree on how they will handle school events such as concerts and student-teacher conferences. Parents even may want to try to agree on household rules such as when to do homework and when bedtime will be during the school year.

Children thrive with consistency, and parents can provide them with this stability despite a divorce by communicating with one another and putting the child’s needs first. After all, parents may be divorced from each other, but they still have one common tie: their child. With the right preparation, parents can help children can adjust to school post-divorce.