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How do you modify a Michigan child support order?

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2020 | child support |

Jobs and families change over time, and sometimes, situations may arise that call into question the suitability of your current child support arrangement. Maybe you are the parent receiving support, and now your child’s needs have changed and you wish to collect more to support him or her. Conversely, maybe you were the parent responsible for paying support, and your job or income changed and you are struggling to come up with the full amount. 

According to the Michigan Supreme Court, the process involved in modifying child support in Michigan is the same, regardless of which parent wants the change. You have two ways to request a modification of child support in the state. 

Changing the child support order

The first way for you or your ex to request a child support modification involved requesting a review from your local friends of the court office. The office should then conduct a review, after which it determines whether the monthly amount given or received should change. 

If you or your ex need a faster modification, you may request an immediate one. A review of your existing arrangement takes place every 36 months if you or your child’s other parent requests it or is receiving public assistance. If one of you experiences a “change in circumstances,” though, you may be able to ask for a modification without waiting 36 months. 

Defining “change in circumstances”

If you were paying support and suddenly lost your job, this may constitute a change in circumstances that may warrant a child support modification. If your child’s financial needs change considerably due to health issues or something else, this may do the same.