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How can you help your child adjust to divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2020 | child custody |

When you decided to get a divorce, you knew that it would have an impact on your family. Your child is only 13-years-old, and this is a difficult time in their life for many reasons. They’re going through a lot of changes, and this is just one more thing that they need to deal with.

The good thing to remember is that you can help your child cope with divorce if you take the time to listen and provide support. Here are three ways to help your child as you go through this process together. 

1. Protect them against conflict

The first thing to remember is that children don’t play a role in your divorce conflicts. If you and your spouse are going to argue or fight, you need to do it when your child is at school or somewhere else. Adult issues don’t need to be their issues, too.

2. Be realistic about your child’s feelings

Another thing to remember is that your child is going to have strong feelings about the divorce. Don’t be surprised if they have something to say about it. You should know that they need a chance to express themselves, even if you don’t like what they have to say. Be respectful of their feelings. Hear what they are saying, and help answer questions that they have. 

3. Give them some control

Finally, give your child some control when you can. That may mean different things for different families, but whether you have your child help with the custody schedule or choosing new furniture, giving them something positive to focus on will help them cope. These are three things to do as you help your child through divorce. Be there for them, and they will know that they can rely on you.

Working with an experienced attorney can make your divorce process easier. Your attorney can focus on the details, while you focus on helping your child adjust.