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Should you be suspicious of a spouse’s spending habits?

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2019 | high asset divorce |

Michigan couples going through divorce already have many hurdles to clear. For example, you will have to figure out how to divide your assets. Unfortunately, this process may not always be as straightforward or even as honest as it should be. High asset divorces in particular lend themselves to cases where spouses may make attempts to hide assets.

Spouses will hide assets if they do not want to share everything with you after the split. FindLaw lists some useful tips for finding hidden assets in divorce situations. This includes demanding involuntary disclosures, which is a formal request for asset and financial information that your spouse is legally bound to oblige. They must forfeit all requested documents so that you and your attorney can look it over to ensure that all of the information lines up properly.

If they gave you information under voluntary disclosure, make sure that you examine it carefully as well. Look for errors, mistakes, or potential instances of omission. In court, you could also inquire during a deposition. Depositions involve a sworn testimony that is overseen by both attorneys and a court reporter. It is illegal to tell false information during a deposition. If you ask questions about their financial state, they are legally obliged to answer honestly. If they lie when in court, they can potentially be charged with perjury. This can result in jail time.

Hiding assets from a spouse during divorce is illegal. If you believe that your partner may be attempting to do this to you, then you deserve to bring their actions to light and receive the share you truly deserve.