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Which factors decrease the likelihood of receiving alimony?

On Behalf of | May 16, 2018 | alimony |

The transition out of marriage is a difficult one for most people. After all, it is a challenge to untangle lives, rebuild a sense of stability and start this new chapter. This is especially true for a person who was financially dependent on his or her spouse.

If you are in this situation, then you should understand the elements that affect whether you may receive alimony, or spousal support. This financial support can be critical in helping you adjust to life after divorce, so it is important to recognize the factors that might jeopardize an alimony award in Michigan.

The courts generally award spousal support in situations where the divorce puts one party at a financial disadvantage. That said, certain factors make alimony awards less likely. These factors include:

  • Short marriages
  • Both parties being able to work
  • Marital misconduct by the spouse requesting alimony
  • Not having children to support
  • Both parties being in good health
  • Cohabitation with a new partner (for the spouse requesting alimony)
  • Adequate cash or liquid assets awarded in the division of assets

These factors can make it less likely for a court to award alimony, as an order for support may not be just or reasonable under these circumstances.

Though, it is important for readers to understand that you do not have to leave the decision in the hands of a judge. You could come to an agreement on your own through mediation or by enforcing any spousal support terms you might have in a prenuptial agreement.

Considering the fact that money is on the line — and that the money ties exes together — spousal support issues are often contentious. As such, regardless of whether you negotiate an agreement or bring the matter to court, having an attorney on your side as you resolve this situation can help you fight for a fair outcome.