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Are you sure your marriage is over?

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2018 | high asset divorce |

Though you might be frustrated and unhappy in your marriage, there may be some issues that have you wondering if it might be better for you to stay together rather than file for divorce. One of these, changes to the way spousal support will be taxed, may have you considering other options. The changes make spousal support tax-deductible for the recipient and taxable income for the payer.

Divorce is one life decision that could have a significant and ongoing impact on your finances and post-divorce life. The wrong moves could cost you big financially and affect you for a very long time. Here are some questions to ponder about your relationship before separating and filing for divorce.

Are you sure your feelings will not change?

Every couple goes through times where the love and feelings they share are no longer on par with the way they felt during the beginning stages of their relationships. There are also many factors that can affect your feelings towards your partner. Sometimes, all that is necessary is a trial or temporary separation for couples to work through their problems and rediscover the feelings they have for each other. Going to couple’s therapy and readjusting behaviors and communication patterns may help too.

Have you put forth the best effort to save your marriage?

Maybe the work that is necessary to fix your broken marriage seems insurmountable. But could it be possible that you are not giving it your all? Marriage is not always easy. There are times where it takes more work to keep the relationship going. It is important to weigh the benefits of remaining with your spouse against those of leaving before you act.

Keep in mind you should not remain in a relationship when you feel it is more harmful for you to stay. If you feel your mental and physical health are in danger, you should consider all separation options including divorce. Because divorce is so often taxing on a couple’s resources, especially high-value separations, you should consider speaking with an attorney for guidance.