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Practical ways to manage child support payments

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2018 | child support |

Most parents in Michigan want what is best for their children — even after a divorce. Concerned non-custodial parents may not see child support obligations as burdens but an opportunity for them to play positive roles in the lives of their children. Neglecting to pay child support can adversely affect the child, and recognizing the importance of making child support payments on time is vital.

There are various methods by which child support payments can be made. However, regardless of the method used, it is essential to keep an accurate record of every amount that is paid. Having a record of the date and amount of each payment can be invaluable in the event of the custodial parent claiming that child support payments were not received.

Budgeting for these payments can help to avoid accumulation of unpaid child support, which might even bring legal problems. If a parent handles this obligation as part of his or her monthly expenses, along with household supplies, rent and utilities, it may be seen as less of a burden. Many people choose to arrange automatic payments to go for child support every month to avoid the consequences of forgotten payments.

Life is unpredictable, and changed circumstances may make it difficult or even impossible to meet the full child support obligations. This could happen after the loss of employment, unanticipated medical procedures and other reasons. Rather than stopping payments altogether, it may be wise to discuss the dilemma with the other parent. A lower amount of support may be agreed upon — even if it is a temporary arrangement. However, it may be wise to avoid making verbal agreements and, instead, ask an experienced Michigan family law attorney to petition the court for a child support modification.

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