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Father says he wants custody of his daughter, not the money

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2017 | child custody |

Many people in Michigan have been reaching out to help those whose lives were devastated by recent hurricanes in other states. One particular situation that was especially tragic involved a toddler whose mother did not survive the flood waters in their area. A child custody battle has arisen in that state in the aftermath of the storms.

The 3-year-old child’s father wants to gain physical custody of his daughter. However, the deceased mother’s cousin is also vying for custody. She is eligible because she was recently named guardian of the deceased mother’s estate in a verbal pronouncement issued by a county judge in probate court.

An attorney representing the child’s father in Texas disputed that action. It seems $150,000 was raised to help the child in the wake of her mother’s death. The attorney says any time a legal guardian is named, a parent must be notified first.

The child’s father said he has no interest in the trust that has been set in place for his daughter. His only concern is being able to have her with him and to raise her in a loving atmosphere. The cousin of the child’s mother said she believes God will decide what is best in this child custody situation, and she is confident the court will rule in the child’s best interests. In order for her to obtain custody, she will have to prove the child’s biological father is an unfit parent. Anyone facing such problems in Michigan may seek help to overcome them by requesting guidance from an experienced family law attorney.

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