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Child custody case may have been compromised by official’s breach

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2017 | child custody |

A woman working for a now disbanded organization that conducted investigations into alleged police misconduct has since been accused of breaching protocol herself. Allegations against the woman assert that she gave private information to another party that may have compromised an active child custody battle. The complicated situation in another state remains unfolding at this time. Michigan parents embroiled in contentious custody situations may relate to the mother in this story’s frustration.

The mother of the child in question happens to be a police officer. She has accused her former romantic partner of several serious offenses, including stalking, domestic violence and violation of existing child custody orders. In an odd twist of fate, the woman working as a police misconduct investigator struck up a romantic relationship through an online dating service with the officer’s former partner.

The woman reportedly failed to inform her superiors of her relationship, something her employer’s work policy required her to do. At some point during her conversations with the father of the child, she supposedly divulged very private information that she accessed through the city’s database, regarding the police officer and mother of the child’s work schedule, whereabouts and duty assignments. She is also said to have discussed existing complaints filed against the police officer by the child’s father.

The police misconduct investigator has been fired from her job. Rumor has it she is appealing the termination. Such circumstances could definitely bear negative impact on an active child custody case. Any Michigan parent facing current problems similar to this situation may seek immediate assistance from an experienced family law attorney to protect his or her rights and the best interests of any and all children involved.

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