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Jenelle Evans battling son’s grandmother in child custody dispute

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2017 | child custody |

Many Michigan reality TV fans are familiar with Jenelle Evans. The Teen Mom star has been in and out of court regarding her ability to parent to her young son. In a surprising turn of events, Evans is back in court after the paternal grandmother of her 3-year-old child has filed an emergency request for temporary child custody of the boy.

Evans says she believes her own mother (from whom she is estranged) has something to do with the paternal grandmother’s actions. She says, in short, that she thinks her own mother put her up to it. The claim accuses Evans and her boyfriend (the child’s father) of being unfit parents due to substance abuse problems.

In fact, the claim cites a situation that allegedly occurred with Evans’ older child, a daughter, who supposedly tested positive for marijuana when she was born. The woman seeking temporary custody also claims she has witnessed bruises beyond that which might be considered normal on a 3-year-old on her grandson’s body. She is concerned that the bruises may be occurring when the child is spanked as a disciplinary measure.

It’s not the first time Evans has battled over child custody where one of her children is concerned. How the court will rule this particular time around remains to be seen. There may be Michigan parents facing similar situations involving grandparents seeking custody of children (either temporary or permanent) in which case, it would likely be beneficial to seek assistance from experienced family law attorneys before heading to court.

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