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Child custody plans are not easy when one parent won’t cooperate

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2017 | child custody |

Co-parenting with a disagreeable ex-spouse can make matters difficult, if not impossible. Trying to reach child custody agreements can be frustrating if one spouse cannot behave respectfully or refuses to compromise. Michigan parents may be forced to deal with such parenting partners by declining to continue a discussion once it begins to deteriorate into an argument. They may also determine to avoid any topics that incite tempers. However, while parental disagreements may be frustrating, there may be other matters that are more serious.

If one parent speaks negatively about the other to the children, this often creates confusion for the children. A former spouse who places the children in the middle of his or her disputes with the other parent may not be acting in the best interests of the child. If the behavior of the other parent does not change, a counselor or mediator may need to intervene.

A co-parent who fails to live up to court-ordered custody arrangements, such as drop-off or pickup times, may simply be testing the limits of the ruling. Such violations are serious, impacting the well-being of the children, and are best dealt with immediately. Similarly, if a co-parent stops parenting by avoiding visitation or custody dates, the other parent may inquire if the co-parent intends to maintain contact with the child.

This serious discussion may end with a plan to modify child custody arrangements. However, parenting experts recommend that a co-parents always leave the door open for the children to interact with their other parent. This may be difficult, especially if the other parent is not willing to cooperate with or respect the former spouse. Many parents in Michigan find it best to consult an attorney when dealing with custody issues or before taking any steps to change custody arrangements.

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