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Michigan child support modification

On Behalf of | May 30, 2017 | child support |

Most Michigan residents would like to think that as time goes by, their incomes will also increase. For many individuals, this is true and their families benefit. However, when that family is no longer together as one unit, the individual may still have an obligation to share the increase in income as a part of what is owed in child support.

The typical child support order is based upon each parent’s income at the time of the agreement. Over time, circumstances change and one’s income may increase or decrease. Thus, it is often in one’s best interest to review the amount of child support being paid or received on a regular basis.

For individuals who receive public assistance, this review automatically takes place once every three years. Additionally, this every three-year review is available upon request for those who do not receive public assistance. In addition to this scheduled review, it is also possible that a review be warranted within the three year time period. If one believes that this is the case, a motion can be filed with the court.

As a part of the review process, it will be necessary for individuals to provide proof of income through paystubs or an employer statement. Copies of both federal and state tax returns will also be needed. Then, if there is a request for child-care reimbursement, the appropriate form will also need to be included. While this may appear to be a standard procedure, when it comes to child support and one’s children, the process is usually anything but standard. An experienced attorney can help one navigate the Michigan court system and anticipate what should be expected at the end of the process.

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