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Michigan child support basics

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2017 | child support |

Regardless of the parent’s relationship, children need support from both of them. In addition to love and affection, it takes money to raise a child. Whether the parents are finalizing a divorce or simply separating, child support typically comes into play. Generally, a Michigan court will order one parent to pay a specified amount as his or her portion of the support needed for the benefit of the child.

Typically, child support is due until the child turns 18. The amount owed is determined by set guidelines used by the state of Michigan. This formula takes into account each parent’s income, specific custody arrangements, visitation time, child care and medical expenses as well as other factors that may apply in a given situation. Even if the parents formulate their own child support agreement, the court does have the option to overrule it in favor of the amount indicated by the state formula.

Unfortunately, there are times when the parent who has been ordered to pay child support does not do so. In this case, there are options available to assist with collecting the amount due. For example, the individual’s wages could be garnished, his or her tax refund could be seized or a lien could be placed upon property. Additionally, one’s driver’s license could be suspended, and/or a contempt proceeding could be initiated.

Children have both the right and the need for support from both parents. Just because the parents have chosen to go their separate ways does not change this need. When this happens, a child support agreement will need to be formulated. An experienced attorney can help the individual parent work through the Michigan Child Support Formula and determine the appropriate steps forward.

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