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Man accused of paying child support with stolen money

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2017 | child support |

When times are tough, parents in Michigan often do extraordinary things to make ends meet. People may take second or third jobs, others might open their homes to boarders and others sell some of their possessions. One man in another state is accused of meeting his child support debts in a daring and dangerous way.

According to the office of human services in the man’s state, the 47-year-old father was frequently behind in his support obligations. However, he recently came to the agency and made a $1,200 payment, prompting agency workers to contact police. Investigators believe the man had robbed a local gas station the day before.

A cashier at the station reported that a man entered and ordered him to the back of the store. The clerk obeyed and remained in place until after the man left with money, about $1,200, from both cash drawers. Video showed that the robber seemed to know how to open the cash registers as well as the location of the surveillance cameras.

When police questioned the man, who had previously worked at the gas station, his story was inconsistent. His alibi’s story also conflicted with his account. Police arrested the man and charged him with robbery and drug possession.

In Michigan, people who struggle with child support have legal options for resolving their issues. Whether a person is owed overdue payments or is struggling to meet his or her obligation, contacting a lawyer for help is a better way to find answers. A family law attorney will help a parent file the appropriate motions and advocate for the parent’s rights and the best interests of his or her children.

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