Why You Need A Prenuptial Agreement If You Have Significant Assets

Prenuptial agreements are especially important for individuals who have substantial assets, including family business interests, or children and families that need protection. Our Oakland County prenuptial agreement attorneys at Eisenberg & Spilman, PLLC, can help you establish a thorough and enforceable agreement.

Helping You Safeguard Your Important Assets Through A Prenuptial Agreement

Our leading Michigan family law firm serves as a reliable resource for men and women seeking to protect their separate and premarital assets through prenuptial agreements in their first, second and subsequent marriages.

Although many of our clients believe that entering into a prenuptial agreement can represent uncertainty in a marriage, we want to help you understand how it may be one of the best decisions you can make to prepare for your marriage.

In Michigan, a full disclosure of your assets must be obtained when establishing a prenuptial agreement. This can help you and your future spouse consider important financial questions:

  • How can I protect my family business and plan for business succession?
  • What is the value of my business or the business my future spouse owns, as well as the value of the income that the business generates?
  • What happens to my inheritance in the event of my death or divorce?
  • How can I financially protect my children from my prior relationship(s)?

Throughout the years, our lawyers, Laura E. Eisenberg, J.D., and Amy M. Spilman, J.D., have assisted our clients in high-asset divorce cases.

Our firm will collaborate with real estate appraisers, CPAs, tax attorneys, accountants and specialized appraisers, to ensure that you fully understand how to best protect your assets when creating your prenuptial agreement.

Interested In A Prenup?

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