Highly-Experienced Lawyers Representing Clients With High Net Worth Marital Estates

At Eisenberg & Spilman, PLLC, our lawyers successfully represent high net worth individuals, including business owners, in complicated Michigan divorce cases involving complex marital estates.

We realize that divorce is emotionally draining and financially complicated, and we are determined to get the results you deserve.

Determined To Help You Achieve The Results You Deserve In Your Divorce

In high net worth divorce cases, the process of properly valuing and dividing marital assets is extremely important in ensuring that parties receive the most fair and favorable outcomes possible.

Oakland attorneys Laura E. Eisenberg, J.D., and Amy M. Spilman, J.D., will help you understand what you are entitled to during your divorce, as well as assist you in determining how much your marital assets are worth.

Having handled hundreds of high net worth divorce cases, our attorneys understand corporate structures and intricate estate planning tactics used to protect business assets, as well as deferred benefits and compensation. We recognize what is at stake, and we can help you protect your assets and vigorously defend your rights in your property division involving assets such as:

  • Closely held companies
  • Restricted stock units (RSU)
  • Deferred benefits and compensation
  • Annuities
  • Life insurance policies
  • Pensions
  • Profit sharing plans
  • Private equity
  • Offshore accounts
  • Partnerships
  • LLCs (hold interests)
  • RSUs
  • Retirement plans
  • Estate plans
  • Business-owned property

Our clients' needs are our No. 1 priority at Eisenberg & Spilman, PLLC. Because every client brings a unique set of legal issues to us, we never offer our clients cookie-cutter solutions to their problems.

We will work closely with you to resolve your complex marital issues, including making sure that your prenuptial agreement is implemented, thorough business valuations have been completed, hidden assets have been researched and international/jurisdictional matters have been handled.

Customized And Catered Legal Counsel

Discuss your high-asset division of marital property matter at Eisenberg & Spilman, PLLC. Call 248-358-8880 to schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your divorce and related matters. In addition to our regular business hours, evening and weekend appointments are available upon request. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards.