The Issue Of Parenting Time Coordination

Creating a parenting time schedule upon which both parents can agree is often one of the most difficult issues to resolve in a divorce proceeding. Helping parties understand what types of schedules and plans are in the children's best interests takes a great deal of experience and insight.

What If We Can't Agree?

Frequently, when the parties cannot agree upon the schedule and/or how to implement the agreement, courts will appoint a parenting time coordinator to assist the parties. In addition, a parenting time coordinator can be appointed by the court to help the parties resolve issues when they arise in a post-judgment setting and the conflict is recurring.

Attorney Laura E. Eisenberg is frequently appointed by judges throughout the state to assist parents in high-conflict divorces to resolve their co-parenting issues. Laura E. Eisenberg has successfully helped parents in even the highest conflict of cases to come to an agreement regarding their children.

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