Family Courts are open and the team at Eisenberg & Spilman is here to help you with all your family law needs during this difficult time. The attorneys can be reached directly: Laura (248) 283-8744; Amy (248) 283-8737 and Mekel (248) 283-8742. We also offer video conferencing through Zoom.

Family Courts are open and the team at Eisenberg & Spilman is here to help you with all your family law needs during this difficult time. The attorneys can be reached directly: Laura (248) 283-8744 ; Amy (248) 283-8737 and Mekel (248) 283-8742. We also offer video conferencing through Zoom.




Metro Detroit family law attorneys on your side.

Divorce Matters

Deciding to divorce or separate from your spouse is one of the most significant decisions you will make in your life. Understand your legal options.

Child-Related Issues

We understand the care and concern you have for your children, and will do whatever is possible to ensure your voice is heard.

Business & Financial Issues

We successfully represent individuals including business owners in complicated divorce cases involving complex marital assets.

Seasoned Family Law Attorneys Providing Dedicated Representation For Clients

Recognized as one of Detroit’s foremost law firms, Eisenberg & Spilman, PLLC, is committed to obtaining the best possible results in even the most complex divorce cases.

Our Birmingham-area lawyers are known within the legal community not only for our passion but also for the extraordinary level of skill we bring to every case. We aggressively represent both men and women throughout Michigan in all aspects of family law, from divorce and property division to child custody, complex marital issues and premarital planning.

Experienced, Innovative Legal Professionals Helping You Achieve Your Goals

We work tirelessly for our clients, exploring and utilizing all options available, from mediation or arbitration to powerful courtroom litigation. Our lawyers are often sought out by other attorneys to help resolve their most challenging family law matters. Laura Eisenberg is regularly appointed by judges to serve as guardian ad litem to assist the court in complex custody cases. Amy Spilman is also an experienced appellate attorney.

When you consult with Eisenberg & Spilman, PLLC, you can expect to work with a caring and knowledgeable team of attorneys, paralegals and legal assistants. There will always be a professional available to respond to your needs. Our firm has developed strong relationships with forensic accountants, business valuators, private investigators, therapists and other experts to provide our clients with unparalleled representation.

Skilled Negotiators, Strategists And Litigators


Understanding the legalities of the divorce process

Laura has walked me through the maze of this legal system educating me so that I understand the divorce process. She has fought for me an every issue that I have had concerns with and given me excellent advice when I needed it. I am very satisfied with the direction and results.

– Anonymous

The Best Family Lawyer in MI

My cousin who owns his own law firm in Toronto found Amy for me as the best female lawyer in MI. It turned out to be very true. She helped me through one of the hardest times of my life, not only just legally but emotionally through a divorce…

– Graeme

Laura Eisenberg -Attorney

Without a doubt, one of the most professional people I have ever dealt with. Laura is an over-communicator with a complete skill set. She was able to manage my expectations while helping me to feel confident in the decisions we were making. The results were great and the client-lawyer relationship was exceptional.

– Jeff

Excellent, Supportive, Knowledgeable, Strong

Amy is the best type of lawyer one could want – she is tough when needed, extremely knowledgeable about her field, confident, supportive, straightforward, reliable and cognizant of keeping financial commitments at a reasonable level. Amy handled my divorce and was not only excellent in her delivery of services, but…

– Jordana

Highly Recommended - Caring, Tough, Affordable Lawyer

Laura Eisenberg was 100% on my side during my divorce and actually got it pushed through ahead of schedule because of her good relationship with the Oakland County judge! She got me everything I wanted and also worked out the custody, child support and the property settlement that I wanted.

– Katherine

Very Skilled & Experienced Lawyer

Laura helped me through a very difficult divorce situation. I was completely taken by surprise when my spouse filed divorce papers, and was worried about the children, the house, child support, etc. A friend recommended Laura because she had really helped her with her divorce.

– Anonymous

Why Choose Us?

  • A powerful all-female firm
  • Over 50 years of combined experience
  • Top-rated by their peers and legal organizations
  • Responsive to client needs
  • A great depth of experience and skill
  • Skilled negotiators, strategists and litigators
  • Cost-effective
  • History of excellent results for clients
  • Ability to handle any case no matter the complexity